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How We Partner

Spring Roc as a company Partners with its clients, the entire design team and all of the sub consultants to provide a collaborative and enjoyable project environment.  We will work to achieve any and all of the teams goals and requests.  We will strive throughout the project to find out of the box solutions to issues and resolve them before they have a chance to impact the project.  It is our intent to work as part of the team and to provide as much information and clarity to this process.  We enjoy the process and the comradery and look forward to being the driving force behind the succes of the project.  We hope that we were able to prove that we practice what we preach during construction of your project.


Below are a few of the items that we see as critical to produce a successful project.

Communication:  Close communication with Ownership and the entire design team is critical to the success of this project.  This is especially true when major discrepancies between existing conditions and design intent present themselves.  As a company correspondence is a priority.  Communication is made in writing for the record in all cases and sometimes based on the need it is done after a verbal discussion is had to resolve an immediate need.  Spring Roc generates and maintains throughout the project, RFI’s and the associated log, SK log, Submittals and our associated log, a Purchasing Log, Contract Log, Insurance Log, along with several others.

Quality Control / Coordination:  Quality control is of paramount importance to us.  We review and inspect all aspects of the work as the work is being installed.  We hold our subcontractors feet to the fire.  We will reject and or remove substandard work on the spot.  Our field team is trained to do this day in and day out.  Our site superintendents will be reviewing all aspects of the job several times a day.  Inconsistencies and rejected work will be corrected quickly. These items will be documented and distributed to the trades for the record.  During weekly project meetings we would want to incorporate time to walk-throughs the project and any “hot issues” with the Owner and the Design Team so that all parties can collaborate towards an expedited solution.


Control of Cost: Project cost accounting is one of the most important aspects of the management process.  As a matter of practice we involve and rely on our CFO who has been working as a construction accountant and controller for almost 30 years. Spring Roc partners with the Owner through the entire bidding, negotiating and trade award process in order to maximize the scope and savings to the project.  We establish our project costs and then generate an Anticipated Cost Report (ACR) which we use to manage and anticipate project costs.  Field issues and changes are tracked to see if any impact to schedule or budget will occur.  We review and incorporate (when approved) key value engineering issues with Ownership prior to trade purchasing and implement decisions.  On the billing side we will present trade payment breakdowns to the designated Design Team members and Ownership, to ensure understanding of how the project will be billed.  We will develop a cash flow projection prior to start of construction.  We will use this as an important tool to track the cost and schedule of the job.  We will submit requests for change orders to Ownership and Design Team prior to implementation but only after we have reviewed requests from Subcontractors for justification, clarity and accuracy.  As a company we work hard to limit any and all change orders from occurring.

Control of time:  Spring Roc requires that there is an Owner’s meeting where we will review shop drawing and submittal logs, lists of open items, and outstanding requests for information (RFI’s) to ensure that subcontractors receive answers and clarifications rapidly to keep the project moving.  In addition we require our field team to hold a weekly Subcontractors meeting where the trade Forman and their bosses meet with us on site to review issues, coordinate work, resolve problems and discuss safety, manpower and other project requirements. We will ensure subcontractors provide adequate manpower to maintain their schedules.  Based on these meetings and or own assessment of the progress of the work Owner and Design Team are provided a two week look-ahead, so they have a clear understanding of what is required from them as well to keep the project moving forward.


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