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Owner: JASA Brookdale Village Housing Corp.

Project Size: $7.5 million, two 22-story bldgs, 546 units.

Architect: Michael Wolfman

Completion: December 2010

  • This project involved extensive rehabilitation work. Precise scheduling, purchasing of materials and subcontracts, and a coordinated implementation plan were crucial, as most of these senior citizen units were occupied. Work included installation of new kitchen cabinets and counters, bathroom vanities, GFI electrical outlets, a/c sleeves and units, vinyl floor and base, faucets and appliances, and painting.

  • Exterior renovations included: replacement of steel lintels and masonry; installation of new flashing, caulking and grouting; new roofing membrane for the main roof and for both towers and community center roof; installation of metal panel fascias: new entrance doors and rolling gates.

  • Three existing boilers that service the complex were removed and replaced, steam traps were replaced on ten risers in each building, and two new emergency generators were installed.

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